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Precision device microscience from built-to-order manufacturing
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Our Features

Our high quality springs are created through elaborate conceptions
and our thorough practice of putting the customer first.

Elaborate Conception

Technical development based on the concept that "Even a single tiny spring is an important part that forms the heart of a precision product".

Our company has manufactured precision springs as both trial manufacturing and mass production.

Our company can manufacture products on any scale from trial manufacturing to mass production. Prototypes are made with automatic machines, and this makes it possible to provide manufacturing with uniform quality even in mass production. We elaborate on springs to make them better, by referring to the drawings that we are given.

Thorough Quality Control

  • Building Quality in the Factory: From the receipt of order to production, a system of thorough controls and checks are implemeted at all stages of production until final shipping, further ensuring high quality.
  • Quality Guarantee: Products are delivered with a "Product Inspection Results Chart" assuring product quality.
  • Product Delivery Management: Computerized thorough product delivery management.
  • Quality Maintenance: All tools and metallic molds are produced in-house, allowing for high precision quality maintenance.

Types of Springs

A thousand technologies for a thousand applications.


A torsion spring is a spring that is subject to
twisting load (torque) about the axis of a coil.

Manufacturing performance   Wire diameter : 0.03㎜〜1.8㎜


In this type of spring, also generally known as a pushdown spring, the compression load (the load on the coil axis) and the deformation are proportional.

Manufacturing performance   Wire diameter : 0.02㎜〜1.5㎜
Shape track record : long winding coils、conical、barrel、
irregular pitch, irregular outer diameter


A tension spring can be thought of as essentially the same
as a compression spring (the coil is generally a tight coil).

Manufacturing performance   Wire diameter : 0.08㎜〜0.7㎜


Moldings using various forming machines
(Formed wire springs).

Manufacturing performance   Wire diameter : 0.1㎜〜2㎜


TypePiano wire, Stainless steel wire, Platinum wire, Phosphor bronze wire
ShapeRound wire, Flat wire


Meeting each need, fitting each application.
Electric Devices: Various switches, Connect, breakers, home appliances and others.
Telecommunication Equipment: Telephones, mobile phones, transmitters, battery chargers, Antenna and others.
Watches and Cameras: Wrist watch buttons, battery springs for alarm and wall clocks, camera shutter parts, retractable portion of zoom lenses, mirror return film winders and others.
Medical Equipment and Health Appliances: Glassfiber strengthening springs for gastric cameras, Long winding coils for Endoscope, Marker for medical device, pedometer holding magnet, sphygmomanometer battery springs and others.
Automobiles and Motorbikes: Carburaters, gasoline pumps, various meters, break switches and others
Others: Gas water heaters, printers, micromotors, cash registers, various sensors, For jewelry parts and others.
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